Time Flies Series

What happens when two kids who really dislike each other discover that they are long-lost twins? Then it gets worse for Zia and Klax. The principal of their boarding school on the tiny planet Burjos sends them together on time travel trips to take photos of important documents from another planet. Burjos is the library planet for their part of the galaxy, and their job is to find unusual documents from other planets and other times. The leaders keep finding unique documents on a planet named Earth in a place called America. These are dangerous trips for the twins, not least because Burjos is a small planet, and the people of Earth are like giants who see the time ship as an annoying insect. The Time Flies six-book series places Zia and Klax as “flies on the wall” to take photos of our nation’s founding documents—Mayflower Compact, Colonial Charters, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Readers benefit from the twins “interpreting” the documents and from seeing what impact they have when Burjos decides to follow in the steps of the Americans, declare independence from their home planet, and set up a new government based on “We the People.”