The Triplet Adventures

Identical triplets, Maddy, Bett, and Cari Sanderson, may look alike but they’re not a bit alike in personalities and interests. Maddy is a leader and superb athlete with a hair-trigger temper. Cari is likable and popular with acting talent and a touch of naiveté. Bett feels super-ordinary next to her talented sisters and has to deal with having Type 1 diabetes, but she is actually the glue that holds the family together. Their widower father is an archaeologist who takes them to ancient ruins where they learn about life when real people lived there. On the dangerous side: a vicious underground organization threatens them when they work to expose a new international looting ring. On the positive side: youthful moviemakers love the fact that they are identical triplets and ask to feature them in a new TV show for teens and preteens. As Cari says, “We’re going to be movie stars!” This 9-book series, averaging 150 pages in each book, merges learning about ancient history with stories about the travails and triumphs of a trio of unforgettable sisters. Each book contains a complete self-sufficient plot, but themes and characters also weave together a total story from book 1 through book 9. A Study Guide is included to deepen understanding of the ancient world.